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Please help nurses and carers ‘go that extra mile’ to make a Christmas to remember

  • £15

    Could help nurses and all the care staff have the time to listen, be attentive and move heaven and earth to make Christmas wishes come true.


Because time might be short... Please help nurses and carers ‘go that extra mile’ to make a Christmas to remember

Everyone has their own special Christmas. You have yours. I have mine. My patients have theirs.

And each one will be slightly different.

What unites us all is the desire to be with those we love. To be surrounded by happy faces and kindness. To set aside our worries for a few days and make a Christmas to treasure.

Last Christmas, one of our patients – let’s call her Susan – told me her Christmas wish was to spend the special day with her large family and all their pets. In fact, it was more than a wish, she was absolutely determined.

How North Kent came together to make Susan’s wish come true.

Susan is in bed upstairs at home. She is quite poorly: she cannot walk or be carried downstairs – that would be too painful and dangerous. And there is no way that lots of people will fit into her small room.

She knows this will be her last Christmas. She wants to be with her family, downstairs with everyone she loves, and the dogs: part of the action. She wants them all to enjoy their Christmas dinner together, just like old times. And the fact that my colleague Tina and I are here in the first place, caring for Susan and her family, is all down to lovely supporters like you.

This Christmas you can help make wishes come true. Your kindness and £15, helps everyone at ellenor hospice pull out all the stops to make Christmas special for patients and families.

The hospital bed we arranged arrives at Susan’s house on Christmas Eve and is set up downstairs. On Christmas Day, Tina and I walk to the Fire Brigade and ask for their help to move her. They say, ‘YES’. Yippee! We think.

When the Fire Brigade arrive, they don’t have the right equipment, so they call the paramedics. They don’t know how long they will be. By now, Susan is getting desperate to see everyone. So the fire officer calls the Chief and equipment is sent from Tunbridge Wells. It arrives about the same time as the paramedics. Now Susan is ready to go. Phew!

Meanwhile downstairs, the family are gathering. Potatoes are being peeled. Dogs and children are running about. The table is being set. Susan’s downstairs bed means she will be part of everything. Upstairs the (now) quite big team are squashed into Susan’s room maneuvering the equipment they need to bring her down.

Three hours later Susan is settled in her bed. Everybody beams. Children skip with happiness. The house smells of Christmas roast. Somewhere a cork pops. The family Christmas can begin.

Our job for the day is done. Susan’s wish has come true.

As Christmas approaches this year, families are already talking to us about their Christmas plans and wishes. Your gift of £15 means everyone at ellenor can move mountains to make their dream come true.

You can help a patient and family make special Christmas memories. How? Because your gift helps make sure that there is no time limit on our visits to North Kent homes. We stay as long as the patient and family need us. Nothing is too much trouble: from keeping patients warm and comfortable to holding a loved one while they have a good cry in the kitchen over tea and a mince pie.

This Christmas anything could happen.

Someone may want to get married. Someone else may want to stroke a horse for last time, someone may want to bring a monkey on to the ward, grandchildren may want to surround Grandma with all their cuddly toys. It doesn’t matter what it is, big or small, we will do everything to make it happen.

You’ll agree that no one should be denied the chance to make special Christmas memories. No-one should have to spend Christmas sick with worry. Everyone should be able to make the most of the life that they have left. Your wonderful support and Christmas gift means everyone
has the time, attention and care they need. It might be for days, weeks, months or years, it doesn’t matter. ellenor is with them until the day comes when they don’t need us anymore.

Enjoy your Christmas, love those precious to you. Make a special memory.

With love from,

Linda (and Tina too)

P.S. Susan stayed downstairs and we cared for her until
she died peacefully at the end of January. We care for patients
and families all year round and if someone wants their
Christmas in August, we will make it happen.

P.P.S I do hope we can count on your gift to make this
Christmas and every day special for everyone we care for

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