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Care in your home

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ellenor provides at home care for all ages and all diagnoses. We provide around the clock specialist advice and support care and support in familiar surroundings working closely with other community services so that patients are as comfortable as possible when nearing the end of life. With over 90% of our patients receiving at home care, this is a popular option for many. Our aim is to share our expertise to ensure that all patients and families receive the necessary support in the best place possible.

What care will be provided to me at my home?

When you choose to have Hospice @ Home care, you will still have access to all of our services. At ellenor, we take into account not only your physical needs, but also practical and spiritual. You'll also receive support and full access to our entire range of therapies, wellbeing sessions, specialist care services, and much more. This may also include:

  • assessment of needs
  • specialist palliative care advice
  • symptom management
  • support for families and other professionals
  • advance care planning 
  • support with end of life care.

We work closely with GPs, Community Nurses, and other community services. The care we provide patients with won't replace the care provided by other services, but instead acts as an additional resource to support patients through the end of life process. 

The patients we care for at home, have access to our crisis support line, which is a dedicated service designed to provide rapid emotional support and advice to patients or carers who require it. Our crisis support line is open 24/7, meaning you will always have someone to speak to at any time of the day. Our crisis line is always open for support, however if patients wish to see a nurse or carer, an appointment can be arranged.


We can be contacted for advice during out of office hours on: 01474 320007

Meet the team

At ellenor, our team of staff have the necessary training and expertise in the provision of practical, appropriate and sensitive end of life care. Our team is excellent at what they do, and can help make patients feel at their most comfortable when approaching the end of life. 

How will my loved one be supported?

For patients who are receiving Hospice @ Home support, we have a dedicated team who offer the necessary support if required. Hospice @ Home is fully supported by all members of ellenor Team, who work to provide specialist therapy, spiritual, patient and family support. Through our work, we’re able to offer patients a wide range of services which will assist them to feel comfortable as they approach the end of their life. 

Learn about our Wellbeing Services, which are designed to provide a range of support to patients and families through therapeutic input.

I want access to your services

If you wish to find out more information about at Hospice at Home  care, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team or make a referral today.