Communi Tea Pat
Communi Tea Pat

Pat's Story

I Can't Wait to Meet All My ellenor Friends Once Again

Pat's Story

I was a bit dubious the first time I went to ellenor. But they welcomed me so warmly and I had a lovely lunch. The following week they picked me up and I went back again – I was hooked. I made such close friends at the hospice, others like me living with a very difficult illness. I treasured my day each week at the hospice.

When the pandemic arrived they introduced me to ‘Zoom’. I had no idea at first – I’m not very technical! But they showed me how and I can do it all for myself now.

I’ve been told that they will be ready for me to come back into the hospice again in a couple of weeks and honestly I can’t wait. I so want to see my friends, and the staff who look after us all so well. I really don’t think they realise just how much they’ve helped me.

Now, I don’t drink tea; I’ve always just had water. But a few months after I started going to ellenor I won first prize in one of their raffles – a food hamper, inside which were two packets of fancy fruit tea which I brought into the hospice to share the following week. And do you know, I quite liked it! We were all sitting round, sipping our tea, just chatting. That’s what I’ve missed the most – and I can’t wait to have that feeling again.

- Pat


Cuppa Services at ellenor

As we return to our old lives, please help us to re-connect in person with the local people who have missed our care in recent times and to meet those who have only just found that they are going to need us.

For nearly 18 months now local people with life-limiting illnesses have only been able to exist – now it’s time to help them live once more.

We’re going to run more of our ‘Cuppa’ sessions – where we meet over a cup of tea to help with some of the tough issues terminal illness creates. We’ll have sessions for the recently bereaved, for carers who are looking after their loved ones at home and we’ll have social sessions where anyone can simply drop in.

We’re also going to add brand new sessions – like our “I.T. and Biscuits” group. We’ve all learned in this last year how vital it’s been to be able to stay in touch with our loved ones – and to see their familiar faces on a screen.


If you would like to find out more details about our Wellbeing or Cuppa services please click here.