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Best Western Manor Hotel leaps to the support of ellenor

Best Western Manor Hotel, a family-run business that has been serving the community and local businesses for the last 30 years, has leapt to the support of ellenor.

The adult’s hospice on Coldharbour Road, Gravesend is undertaking essential building works over the next 12 months to expand our existing hospice building.

This vital work – the construction of a new modern Wellbeing Centre - will greatly improve accessibility and the experience of care for patients and their families from across the region and improve the quality of life and wellbeing of people living with a life-limiting condition.

However, it does mean that some outpatient and day therapy services such as physiotherapy, complementary therapy and counselling will not be able to take place at Northfleet for at least the next year.

“Rather than closing down essential services to our patients who rely on ellenor, in a special partnership with Best Western Manor Hotel, we will be decanting our Wellbeing staff and services to Manor Hotel in Hever Court Road, Gravesend for the duration of the construction period, which is in close proximity to ellenor."

In acting as a temporary location for an ancillary support service, Manor Hotel will allow us to deliver continuity of care and support to our hospice service users - local people living with life-limiting conditions, such as cancer, heart failure, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s, and motor neurone disease - and their families during this time.

“This partnership with The Manor Hotel is really important to us; we have reached an agreement with The Manor that will allow us to continue delivering the best possible care and support to families across Kent that need us,” says Andrew Lowden, ellenor’s Head of Wellbeing.

Nick Wilde, Managing Director of the Best Western Manor Hotel, said: “We have always been a big part of our local community and so when we heard about how we might be able to support ellenor’s staff, families, and patients we were only happy to help. We have converted some of our unused space and meeting rooms to better suit the needs of the ellenor team and my family and I look forward to welcoming them, as well as our regular guests, to the Manor Hotel in the coming weeks and working together to help them continue to provide the care they usually would.”

If you would like further information on our outpatient and Wellbeing Activity Group at Manor Hotel, please call 01474 320007.  You can also download our timetable here.


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