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Hospice lottery player Ian Baker isn't in to win it!

Playing ellenor's hospice lottery is a family tradition for jeweller and father-of-four Ian Baker.

He says: “I was approached by a member of the charity at a pub Christmas fair in 2015. I remembered that my parents used to do the hospice lottery, so I signed up too.  It’s only £2 a week.”

Ian, who works in London, is thankful that no one in his family has used the hospice services, but since his grandmother died in a London hospice 45 years ago, he has always been aware of their great importance.

He says: “As I live near the hospice in Northfleet, I often drive past -- and one of my daughter’s friend’s mum works there. I’ve always seen ellenor as part of the community.

“It’s vital to have a hospice locally. In 1976 my parents had to go to the doctor and get my grandmother admitted to a hospice right into South East London, because there wasn’t anything nearer. If it hadn’t been for St Christopher’s my mother would have looked after my grandmother at home, which would have been very hard for both of them.”

Signing up for the lottery is easy and for just £2 per play you could win one of 43 weekly prizes up to £1000. You can enrol online at https://secure.edirectdebit.com/Ellenor-Lions-Hospices/Lottery

The money raised helps provides our many valued services. As a charity, which needs £7 million a year to provide care free of charge to families when they most need it, we support those facing life limiting illness across Kent and the London Borough of Bexley. We have inpatient and outpatient and Living Well services at Northfleet, comprehensive Hospice at Home services and a range of outpatient and community services, all supported and delivered through a multi-disciplinary team.

Ian, who also supports Crisis and The British Heart Foundation, has twice won £10 in our lottery -- which he generously returned on both occasions.

He jokes: “I don’t know if I would send it back if it was £1,000 -- I might keep a bit then! The lottery is ideal for me as I don’t have time to do any other fundraising, so it’s a way of giving a bit of financial support. It’s just a bit more fun than just paying £2 a week as a donation. It’s psychological – there’s always that thought that you might win. To be honest I’m not in it to win it though.

“Doing the lottery means I receive the hospice newsletters, so I see what is going on and how the money is being spent. Maybe one day in the future, when life is less busy, I will be able to do more to help with fundraising.

“Hospices are a very important part of our community. Most of us hope we will die in our sleep at home, but that doesn’t often happen, and patients and their families need support at that difficult time.

ellenor is such a worthwhile local charity that survives on raising funds. Its services are there for everyone to use if they are needed and I’m proud to be doing my bit.”