Day 8 Banner
Day 8 Banner

Fancy volunteering with us? Great idea.

Here at ellenor, we offer so many ways for you to donate your time, in the style that best suits your specific strengths and skill sets. Currently, we have volunteering openings across Care, Retail, Housekeeping, Administration, Driving, and Befriending, as well as on our Host Desk.

There’s also a huge range of opportunities to give your support in other ways: from baking to shaking, sewing to serving, and walking to talking, you’ll get the chance to be involved in a bunch of exciting fundraising activities and events.

So, what’s it like to be a volunteer for ellenor? Jane Sparks, who’s been donating her time with us since May 2019, shares her journey:

“My youngest sister, Trisha Stedman, was cared for by the hospice from February 14th to 19th March 2019.  She had been suffering from ovarian cancer for the previous four and a half years, and despite 3 lots of major surgery, and countless rounds of chemotherapy , she sadly succumbed to the disease just before her 61st birthday."

“The care at ellenor was exemplary, and the staff were all very caring. Whilst visiting on one occasion, I chatted to Fundraising Officer Leah Poppy, and mentioned that I was a member of The Marlowe Singers. I asked if ellenor would like us to sing at any of their events, which we did on three occasions. As the result of a call-out from the fundraising team, I also volunteered to be a quiz host at the monthly Quiz Nights. My daughter Rachel and I took part in the Twilight Walk 2019 in memory of my sister Trisha.

“2020 saw the coming of COVID 19, which put a great strain on fundraising – live quizzes were ruled out, and bucket collections were also halted.  I created 'Jane's Pudding Club', making and selling home-made Christmas puddings, and also organised a hamper raffle. With the easing of lockdown, I have resumed acting as a quiz host, helped out at the Walkathon and Twilight Walk, and hosted a Tea for ellenor party to raise funds for the hospice in August. I look forward to helping with ellenor's fundraising activities in the future”.

Jane will be dressed up as an elf for our Santa at Cyclopark – if you’re going, pop along and say hello!

To our many volunteers within the local community we would like to offer our immense gratitude and extend our warm thanks to every single person that has given us their time over the last year.

If you’re thinking of donating your time in the coming year, please consider ellenor. Every minute you give us will help ensure that life-limited patients and their families receive the very best care and support. And plus, with so many wonderful volunteering opportunities available, well... who knows where it might take you!


Thank You

Christmas is a time to say "thank you" and here at ellenor we would like to say a massive thank you to our volunteers, colleagues, and our entire community.