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We are excited to share a significant update on the construction of our new Wellbeing Centre, a crucial development aimed at expanding and enhancing support services for the local community. Following the successful completion of the structural retaining wall adjacent to Coldharbour Rd, the project has swiftly moved forward with the foundations of the Wellbeing Wing – marking a new chapter in the hospice’s commitment to wellbeing and care. 

The construction team led by Barnes Construction has now begun the erection of the steel frame that will support the new two-story building, connecting it to the existing facilities currently undergoing extensive refurbishment. This development signifies a major milestone in the project, promising to not only enhance the existing wellbeing space but create an additional multipurpose space to support the range of patients and families accessing ellenor’s services.

Key Highlights of the Construction Progress

Innovative Construction Techniques:

The crane, essential for the steel frame erection, operates from a specially designed platform. This platform not only stabilizes the ground but also evenly distributes the weight as steel components are precisely positioned along the length of the new building. This step is crucial, especially given the logistical challenges posed by the site’s access restrictions and its unique positioning on the plot. 

Future Steps:

With the main frame soon to be completed, the next phase will involve positioning the ground floor’s pre-cast concrete beam and block floor, followed by the installation of pre-cast concrete planks to establish the first-floor deck. This construction effort is more than just a physical expansion; it symbolises ellenor’s commitment to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to the community. The Wellbeing Centre will offer a welcoming space for patients, families, and carers providing a nurturing environment for support and engagement in therapeutic activities during challenging times.

 “We are thrilled to see the new Wellbeing Centre starting to take shape, marking a significant step forward in ellenor’s commitment to care. This vision could not be realised without the unwavering and generous support of our community and the outstanding Barnes Construction team. Our goal is to extend our reach and provide support to more families in need. Thanks to this space, we will be able to enhance vital services and better meet the growing need for hospice care” says Michelle Kabia, Chief Executive.