Some frequently asked questions about gifts in Wills

Why is it important to make a Will?

A Will is a legal document that sets out what happens to your your money, property and/ or possessions (known as your estate) after your death. If you die without making a Will (known as intestate), certain rules dictate how and to who your estate will be allocated which may not reflect your wishes. Making a Will helps ensure your estate goes to the people or causes you care about.  

What kind of gift can I leave in my Will?

  • A percentage or share of your estate. This could be 1 or 100% depending on your wishes and circumstances. This is known as a residuary gift. 
  • A sum of money - for example, £100 or £10,000. There is no minimum amount you can leave - every penny makes a difference. This is known as a pecuniary gift. 
  • A particular gift which could be anything from jewellery or antiques, to stocks and shares – any of which can be sold to fund ellenor's vital work. This is known as a specific gift. 

Who can I leave a gift to?

It’s entirely up to you who you leave a gift to in your Will. We understand family and friend’s come first, but hope you will also consider leaving a gift to ellenor if that is right for you. 

I’m not wealthy, is it worth me leaving a gift?

Absolutely - anyone can leave a gift of any size to ellenor. Whether big or small, all of the legacies we receive make a difference and we are hugely grateful for each one we receive.   

What difference will my gift make?

Gifts in Wills help ensure we can go on providing compassionate care and support in the future. Currently, around 12% of our services are funded by legacy gifts. As the number of people in our community grows, the demand for our services is also increasing. Knowing we have money coming to us from gifts in Wills, even if we’re not sure exactly when we will receive it, means we can plan ahead to meet this increased need with more confidence.  

How can I leave a gift in my Will to ellenor?

We strongly suggest working with a professional when making or amending your Will.  You can find a local Solicitor via the Law Society website at Find a Solicitor - The Law Society or by calling 020 7242 1222.  

As well as stating what gift you would like to leave ellenor, you will need to include our registered name, address and charity number which are -  

Registered name: ellenor, Charity number: 1121561 (United Kingdom), 

Address: ellenor, Coldharbour Road, Gravesend, Kent. DA11 7HQ  

  • Your solicitor can advise you on suitable wording to use. Our suggested wording is:  

I give to ellenor, …… % of my estate / the sum of £……………….. / the following item(s) ……………………………….<to be amended as appropriate>  to be used for its general charitable purposes and I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or duly authorised Officer shall be a full and sufficient discharge for my Executors.’  

  • If you would like to amend an existing Will to include a sum of money or specific gift to ellenor, you may be able to use a separate document that sits alongside your Will (known as a Codicil). However if you wish to leave a share of your estate, it is strongly recommended that you redo your Will to avoid any complications. Your solicitor can advise on which works best for your circumstances.   

Can I leave a gift in my Will in memory of a loved one?

Leaving a gift in your Will to ellenor in honour of someone special, can be a really precious way to celebrate their life. We can also help you combine your legacy gift with other ways to remember them such as an engraved leaf on our Memory Tree, dedicated Tribute Page or attendance at our Lights Of Love event.