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Memories of my Mum

Online - 12/02/2021


When: Mother's Day 2021 (The page will be open from 12 February to 31 May 2021)
Where: Online
Who: Anyone


What is Memories of my Mum?

Memories of my Mum is a free online wall where you can pay tribute to your Mum by sharing a cherished memory (and photo!) this Mother's Day. Let your Mum know how special she is by adding her to our wall of wonderul Mums; Add my Mum to the Memories of my Mum wall

Mother’s Day can be a difficult day when you’re unable to share it with your Mum, be that due to bereavement, the current pandemic, or other reasons. So, ellenor is inviting everyone to share a much-loved memory in tribute of their Mum, whether it is a memory of a special time or just the memory of your Mum.  

As well as sharing a memory, you can also share a photo of your Mum – who will feature alongside all the other Mum’s we are celebrating this Mother’s Day. 


How do I add my message to the Memories of my Mum wall?

You can add your message, and a photo if you wish, to the online wall by clicking the link below:

Add your message 


Small Print

  • Please note that the Memories of my Mum page is a public page and therefore any messages and photos added will be visible to the public. If you wish to make your dedication anonymous you can do this by not including your name or your Mum's name in the dedication.
  • ellenor reserves the right to remove any dedications which we feel are unsuitable, this includes those that use offensive or insensitive language and imagery. 
  • The page will remain live until 31 May 2021, after which point it will close, and messages will no longer be visible to view. 


Have a question or need further information?
Please contact the Individual Giving Team on 01322 626 509 or email supportercare@ellenor.org






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