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Emergency Fighting Fund

Emergency Fighting Fund

ellenor’s Emergency Fighting Fund – please help us to care for local people in this crisis.

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We are making major changes to our care services to cope with a significant rise in patient numbers due to Coronavirus. We urgently need funding for the extra nurses and equipment needed for extraordinary weeks and months that lie ahead of us.

We provide care and support to over 3,000 patients and their families every year, and that number is rising. Hospices are faced with a critical funding crisis, and we need to ensure that those living with a life limiting or terminal illness have access to our care and support during these uncertain times.  

Our goal is to give every child or adult patient and their families the expert care and support we would want for our own loved ones. And, when the time comes, an end of life journey that is peaceful, comfortable and dignified.

The Coronavirus crisis does not change these goals; even though we know we will be asked to care for many more vulnerable people over the next few months. Our responsibility is to re-think and adapt the way we care and support local people in our community – so we can still be there to provide the expert care they need.

We will see a significant financial impact to raising the £7 million needed to continue to provide all our vital care services each year. Over the next 3 months, we estimate, without emergency financial and local support, our income will decline by £1.1m and the majority of this comes from the generosity of the people in our local community.

What are we doing to prepare?

We’ve had to make plans to increase our In-patient beds from seven to 15 beds and to have those new beds open and ready for patients as soon as they are needed. Work shifts and patterns have been adapted hugely. We are all now permanently on-call. 

Our expanded In Patient Unit will continue to provide end of life care for local adults but it will also be a place where patients recovering in our local hospitals can come, to release those hospital beds for the care of Coronavirus patients. And, we will continue to support adult patients in their own homes through our Community Nursing service.

Children needing end of life care in our community will continue to be supported in their homes – but again this will increase substantially as hospital beds close. We provide chemotherapy at home to many children already, many more will need our support for this over the coming weeks. These changes will mean these exceptionally vulnerable children continue to receive the vital nursing care they need while also again relieving pressure on our NHS colleagues.

This will be an enormous increase in workload for us all and we will need to spend extra money, now, to pay for the extra specialist equipment these additional patients will need. 

As healthcare professionals, our duty is to our patients – and we refuse to allow this virus to stop us from caring for local people who need us. We are not going to be able to care for them unless we receive help and support from our community – urgently. 

Our care staff are not paid by the NHS; less than one quarter comes from government funding. We are an independent local charity, reliant on community support to deliver our work. 

How can you help?

Help us meet the care needs of our community and prepare for the monumental challenge we face over the next few months, by contributing to our Emergency Fighting Fund.

Our patients, old and young, are the very people who are most vulnerable to this virus – and our nursing and clinical teams are the front line of their care.