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Day Therapy

Day Therapy

Our experienced team aim to help and support patients regarding any symptoms they may have, maximise their energy and help them overcome their concerns. The Hospice offers a chance to meet others and a change of environment. They will also have the opportunity to talk about their own particular situation. 

Day Therapy aims to improve the quality of life for patients in a supportive environment. Sessions are held throughout the week and visits can be flexible according to your needs. It also enables you to meet other patients, manage your condition and maintain your independence.

Attending will give patients the opportunity to:

  • Have an individual assessment of needs.
  • Access clinical support and interventions as needed.
  • Participate in diversional activities, learn new skills and crafts. 
  • Participate in therapeutic groups, such as breathlessness, exercise and relaxation.
  • Access therapies and treatments to improve sense of wellbeing.
  • Be signposted to other services.

We encourage patients to make arrangements to attend the Hospice, free parking is available on site or nearby in residential roads. Our volunteer drivers may be available in certain circumstances.  

We offer a freshly cooked meal to meet dietary, cultural and physical needs. 

There is a dedicated smoking area for those wishing to smoke.

Outpatient Clinics
Patients who are able to come to the Hospice can be seen in a clinic setting as an Outpatient. The consultation will normally last about 60 minutes on the first visit, but follow up visits tend to be shorter and will be carried out by a member of our team. It is also possible to see other services at this appointment if necessary. This allows patients to access our services whilst remaining independent, allowing access at an earlier stage in your illness. 

It would be helpful to bring all current medications, and someone may accompany the patient.

Our Day Therapy is fully supported by all members of the ellenor team. More information on these services can be found within the following links: therapies, spiritual and support for carers.


Information and Leaflets
We have provided brief descriptions of our services on the website, however further information can be found in our Information and Resources.