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August Appeal

August Appeal

We’re still here. We’re still caring. And we still really need your help.


We’re now just taking the first steps after the pandemic’s peak but for our patients, families and nurses it will be a long, slow and challenging journey.

We’ve made it through the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic because our team is dedicated to their patients, young and old – but also because local people like you have supported us when we had to massively reduce our fundraising during the crisis. 

During this difficult time, we were able to keep in contact with everyone under our care. The generosity of our community helped us to keep our In-patient Unit open for those needing end-of-life care. We were able to continue giving our unique care to local people when they needed it most.

We also managed to keep in contact with all the children and families who rely on our children’s hospice service. With the help of our specialist nursing team, these vulnerable children and their families made it through the most difficult, worrying and stressful time any of us can remember.


This is a long, long way from being over. 

There are still great uncertainties about the future of our fundraising, and we are worried about what this could mean for our hospice services. We urgently need funds to be able to carry on caring for the adults and children in our community who need vital hospice care. 

As we are not part of the NHS all our care is offered completely free of charge. We have to find more than 70% of the costs of that care ourselves from fundraising. We’re not re-starting all our fundraising events and activities until early 2021 which means for the rest of this year, we won’t have the income we have always relied on to fund our vital hospice care. We need your help, and the help of everyone in our community, to ensure we can continue providing care and support long into the future.

Adult hospice patients with pre-existing conditions, people who have had to stay away since the crisis started still really need us. They’re desperate for nursing care, to help with their symptoms or to access therapies that ease their pain and discomfort.

For the children we care for – and their families – it’s been very hard. For most we’re a lifeline, and sometimes the only place that can take over their child’s care to give their parents a break. We’ve been on the phone and online the whole time, but COVID-19 has meant we can’t see most children face-to-face.

Parents have really struggled to cope (every child we care for has had to ‘shield’ and so the whole family has been isolated at home).

Every single day we look at what we can do for each individual adult or child who turns to us for care. And every day, we’ve created new ways of offering support and encouragement to those who need it the most.

We still really need your help.

Between now and Christmas will be the hardest time and we cannot succeed without the support from our local community.  

Our Summer fundraising activities would bring in the money we need to pay for the care and support we provide but as that won’t happen this year, we really need your help to ensure we can continue providing vital hospice care to local families. 

"You’ve been a kind friend to us before. I hope you understand why I felt I had to ask for your support again today. Thank you for anything you feel able to contribute to our care services at this important time for us all. Please continue to share our stories and pass our message on further." - Linda Coffey, Director of Care

Please donate today.

Your donation will make a difference to children like Jensen:









"Life at home with Jensen has been really tough for the last few months. The only support we’ve had has been from Sian, Jensen’s nurse from ellenor. She’s been our lifeline.

The funds that ellenor is asking for will pay for nurses like Sian to care for lots of children like our son. I can tell you that care is priceless. I hope you can help." - Jensen's parents

Read Jenson’s full story along with another patient whose family has had to rely on us to support them over the last few months.

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